Citizens urged to be self-relianace

We shall never grow if our business sector is not developing, said Dr. Mathew Pagan the Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University of South Sudan.

He said there is need for all South Sudanese to initiate business opportunities to reduce the rate of dependency and be self-sufficient.

Dr. Pagan said it is a prerequisite for all citizens to start developing their own businesses and make them grow to avoid self-dependency.

“The citizens should learn how to make small-scale businesses to earn a daily living rather than leaving foreigners to invest in country’s resources,” Dr. Pagan said.

“We shall never grow and prosper if our business sector is not growing. This is because the citizens are leaving it to the foreigners and at the end of the day they carry away everything without leaving anything for the country.”

He said it remains a great challenge that South Sudanese leave the business sector and rely on the government for employment.

Dr. Pagan said although we are a landlocked country, we have varieties of natural resources that require brilliant people to explore the potential resources to address the daunting array of challenges that the country is undergoing now.


“It is our collective effort to address the economic challenges confronting our nation by developing the business sector to promote a broad-based economic growth to reduce the current heavy dependence on the oil economy”.

He said for quiet realization of this very considerable potential requires concerted action to address these challenges in a bit to sustain strong economic growth to improve the  well-being of citizens.

Dr. Pagan said the future of this country lies in the hands of its citizens and it is only them who can change the persistent economic situation in the country through hard work.

The official made these remarks at the launch of Alumni office at the Catholic University campus in Juba on Saturday.




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