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Citizens urged to be loyal to the nation

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The governor of Jonglei state Col. Philip Aguer has urged the citizens to be loyal to the nation instead of the government

He appealed to the citizens to protect the country saying that any serious enemy that was threatening the lives of the civil population should be tackled by the citizens not any other person.

Speaking to the media during the 35th SPLA/M anniversary Day in Bor, Col. Aguer said that there was need for the people to be loyal to the country which had claimed 2.5 million lives for it to come into existence

”For instance all my colleagues who were with me during the war of liberation have all died. So it is very wrong for me to be loyal to the clan or tribe and yet my friends had lost their lives for this nation,” Col. Aguer said.

He said that there was nothing that could compensate the lives that were lost for this nation. Governor Aguer explained that the Government was just a tool within a nation and that he had to put his loyalty first to the country.

“I am telling the people of South Sudan to be loyal to the nation and not the government,” he stressed.

Col. Aguer said that the love was to be for the nation not the people governing the country because the leaders were elected to power by the population.






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