Citizens urged not to litter along roadsides

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Quarter Council of Jebel Block four together with Munuki Payam Council urged citizen’s not to dump garbage on the roadside in the city.

Last weekend, the quarter Council for Jebel Block Four, elected new executive members to engage in keepingJuba city clean.

The Chairperson of Block Four Jebel, Joseph Taban Morris told the media on Sunday that they are going to involve teachers in schools and youth in churches to enlighten the population about the dangers of poor dumping garbage on the roadside in various residential areas in Juba.

“We are going to work in hand in hand with area council so that we can provide services to the people. There is a need to keep our area clean by collecting the garbage and depose them carefully,” Morris said.

He added that the Council priorities is cleaning all forms of garbage, dumped on the roadside inthe streets, removing temporary shelters along main roads, markets and getting rid of open car-washing facilities in Jebel quarter council.

He revealed that their mission is to develop the capacities of state organs and involve the private sector in waste management.

He added that, the project will also use education to raise awareness on waste prevention and management.

“Many people are dumping garbage on the road somehow just litters because of ignorance. Determined efforts are required to raise awareness in the public through radios, TVs and the print media regarding dangers of littering the environment,” Morris said.

At the same time, Secretary for Women, Child and Social Welfare in Quarter Council Christine Jurgu Justin Jebel block four said that the Quarter Council focus on women protection and safety as the first priority.

‘We have seen that throughout the era of Covid-19 where the services have not been reached. But women are doing informal business,” Justin said.

She added that empowering women in business skills is the key factor to promote their small business so that they can sustain families and achieve their goals in life adding the Quarter Council leadership is working towards the need to promote girl child education.

Earlier, the Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado urged residents to engage in  keeping Juba clean.

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