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Citizens urge SPLA/M to recall the pre-independence times


By Martha David & Kitab A Unango

A student of the University of Juba has urged the authorities and the people of the country to recall the times of struggle and the purposes for the formation of the SPLA/M saying “the country has lost its vision of unity.

Majok Adup said May 16th was a great day that is worth remembering because it brought us to where we are today.

“Today is a great day when SPLA/M was formed to liberate South Sudan. It reminds us of how we suffered and our struggle for the independence,” Adup said.

Speaking yesterday at the University of Juba, Adup said the country has lost its vision of unity and should return to the state of those years of the struggle.

“Corruption has spoiled our country that is why we are not united. During the struggle we united to fight off corruption and nepotism but now the same things we fought against are being happening. Let us return to our former lives of togetherness”, he said.

Adup pointed out that some politicians were holding two positions in the government leading to embezzlement of public funds.

“The culture of holding two positions by some politicians has made it easy for them to practice corruption and use the army to defend them as their lawyers”, he lamented.

In his part a citizen Charles Tombe said he appreciated SPLA for having fought for the independence of South Sudan adding that the authorities should rectify the economy.

“The government and the oppositions should bring peace and solve the economic crisis,” Tombe said.

A Woman who preferred to be identified only as Nyamel said there was no reason for people to celebrate SPLA/M Day.

“No need to celebrate the Day because the same SPLA Who fought for the independence whom we believed were going to protect us have turned against us. They rape and kill us why should we celebrate the Day?” Nyamel demanded.

Butruss Malit A student of Mass Communication from the University of Juba said the army has become an enemy of the people it was supposed to protect adding that the army does no longer act professionally.

“The army has become an enemy to the citizens because they have turned against them. Always there are cases of unknown gunmen. The army is not different from the armed militias. The war in the country has been caused by mixing politics with military,” Malit said.

Malit urged the government to care for the army by providing their salaries to reduce criminal cases in the country.

In her part Agnes Gabriel said the Day was important because it was the time when our leaders fought to liberate and bring peace to the country.

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