Citizens told to trust local traders

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture 1st Deputy Chairman Losidik Lukak Legge told the citizens to trust local traders in the market.

Speaking to the Press on Wednesday, Lukak  said using knowledge in your business is not necessarily about thinking up clever new products and services or devising inspired new ways of selling them it is much more straight forwards

 “Businesses are the growth drivers of the economy of a country because  being a business man or businesswoman can be global, general, local or domestic scale and employ people of all ability sets because this makes employment at all levels across the country,” Lukak said.

He added that businesses also generate indirect engagement in terms of people engaged in raw material production that businesses need and also those involved in selling these products. Large scale businesses import and export raw materials, products and services and generate foreign exchange for the economy.

He revealed that they employ people that you have seen in market provide income to the working population buy resources and those who sell products, bring innovation, generate foreign capital, fulfill their daily necessities. In a competitive market, businesses create innovation and innovation and also provide business opportunity. All these and other associated activities drive the economy of a country.

Meanwhile, Konyo-Konyo business representative Satimon Pitia Manas said let our people stop lying that there is no South Sudanese traders in the market.

“We are there so long we have challenges in the country we will never give up. We have thousands of South Sudanese traders working in the market but still there is no appreciation so long you have your shop,”Pitita said.

He added that he started his business career in 1977 at Konyo-Konyo up to date and still operating but what I have seen our people don’t trust their national citizens.

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