Citizens told to protect peace agreement

Communities of Bakpara payam during dissemination of the Revitalized-Peace

Agreement (Photo Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The Commissioner of Sakure County has called on the citizens to continue praying for peace despite of the Revitalized-Peace Agreement in place.

Robert Raphael said it was through prayer that the Revitalized-Peace Agreement would bring about everlasting peace in the country.

He made the remarks last Friday while addressing residents of Sakure Country of Gbudue State during peace agreement dissemination.

Raphael added that everyone in this country was yarning for peace, saying it was time to protect the peace.

According to him, the conflict in the country had caused economic crisis, loss of lives and that over 2.5 people were displaced to the neighbouring countries.

“We can bring peace through prayers and when the weapons are all silence,” Raphael said.

“When the Youth are empowered with livelihood skills,they will forget about war and focus on productive activities that can help them in future,” he added.

The County commissioner urged the Chiefs and the youth leaders of the areas to set strong laws and measures against parents who refuse to send their children to school.

Joseph Duo Duo, State Member of Parliament and head of visiting delegation to Sakure County, said they had come to disseminate the Revitalized-Peace Agreement.

Both the state and national members of parliament are on a tour in Gbudue state to disseminate the peace agreement to the grassroots people.

Duo Duo continued that they were disseminating the message of peace, unity and reconciliation and to educate the local people in the country.

He hailed the youth of Sakure County for being peaceful throughout the five years’ conflict as none of them took up arms against the government.

Kilopia Simon, Chief of the area was happy with the existence of peace in Gbudue state but urged the leaders to implement the agreement for the country to achieve lasting peace.

“We go to bed to sleep with our doors open and the children go to school every day without fear of insecurity,” said Simon referring to the existence of peace in the area.

However, Simon said lack of clean water; proper schools and medical facility were the challenges facing them in the Sakure County.

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