Citizens still trust our government

As a concerned citizen, I strongly refute the statements issued by the Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth last week that people in the country have lost trust in the government.

The minister was quoted as saying so on Thursday during a two day National Consultative Symposium on good governance and democracy at the Parliamentary Affairs which was attended by UN representatives, members of the national parliament and other officials.

I really wonder how the Minister released the statement that people in the country have lost trust in the government as if some of the government officials are not practicing the principles of transparency and accountability.

As a response to the minsters’ statement and to make it clear, not all people have lost trust and confidence in the government but just a few of them. About 75 percent of the total population in the country still trust and have full confidence in the government because of the national dialogue.

This is the government that they have voted for, and it was based on the trust of the people and if the people have lost confidence and trust in this government, the Ministers’ statement should have waited until the time of elections.

The citizens of this country still trust and have confidence in the government.  They are still hopping for normalcy to return to the country.

We should also know that the cause of the current situation in the country is not the issue of bad governance. The Minister of Cabinet affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro admitted this in his statement last week at the same symposium. He said the country is not moving forward because of bad governance.

I equally disagree with his statement. According to me, the crisis in the country is caused by power wranglers. The Minister of Information during the symposium also said, “Violence and persistent crimes are prerequisites of bad governance” which I also disagree with because not all violence and crimes are related to bad governance as the minister puts it.

Indeed the violence in this country is all about power greed especially getting the Presidential seat by means of rebellion. All of us should know that we are guarded by the constitution of the country.

Whoever wants to be the president of this country should wait for election and contest for president, and through this process the country will move forward and the citizens will be united as one people in one nation.

By Domkooc Ismail

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