Odongo Odoyo

By Akol Arop Akol (GUEST)

In any country where citizens are not allowed to express out their grievances or air out views concerning leadership, economy, or social problems, life would never have a meaning and that’s the definition of oppression and of course serious exploitation.

When citizens struggle alone to finish their University studies but remain jobless for five years and when they talk of nepotism and corruption in job opportunities or employment of someone who gets paid only money of two days tea, that’s exploitation.  

There’s no meaning of citizenship if one has no land or house to sleep in. A citizen can be patriotic and proud when given freedom of expression, movement, employment and participation in country affairs without being subjected to any abuse.

The rights of citizens come first and above all the leadership priorities but when such freedom is not given, the citizens themselves have to raise their voices instead many of them keep silent and a few brave ones try to talk expecting to be heard. Those are taken as threats to the leaders who are working for themselves but not their people.

If families, friends, communities and societies are silent and not speaking their minds out about important things that make them happy, there would be a rise of hopelessness, failure without trials and pending issues of injustices remain covered without being expressed and addressed.

When one or two people dedicate their time and devote themselves to speak their minds out often, they are mistaken as if they are wise-taking or fools. But imagine a society where people don’t talk about problems affecting the lives of people, how dark would their future be?

I am one of the people taking the rise of opening my mouth to talk about what I see not going well in our country, especially the ones affecting young people. Am advising them at this age because they can understand I also face similar things. And it is our responsibility to start making changes to get a bright future.

Fools don’t talk a lot because they have nothing in their minds to talk about. They only bully, fight and try to get rid of others using offensive means when they have nothing to say to convince people to believe in them. On the other hand, those who publicly talk, feel and know something is able to talk. Freedom of expression is one step to meaningful freedom and justice.

A better country with a free, united and prosperous society where everyone could be valued as a citizen, live safe, joyful and proud needs serious advocacy starting from now. 

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