Peace is a recipe for development and it is something most citizens yearn for. However, in some parts of the country, residents are making very little efforts in promoting peace from the local or grassroots level. Merely two days after Christmas celebration, there was a disturbing report from Gok State where five people got killed after an intense cattle raiding battle. This report, like any other tragedies related to cattle raiding, sounds normal, why? Because it has become a conventional idea that this is a normal way of solving disputes among rival cattle keepers, but this is not supposed to be the case unless in an environment considered to be a hot spot of violence – something our country does not need at the moment and not anytime soon. I strongly believe that every cattle-keeping group has a traditional set of rules to follow, and these include amicable and non-violent ways of settling differences in times of clashes. Equally important, these people need education and enlightenment about their role in bringing lasting peace and stability in the country. When that happens, mental transformation takes effect and these groups start seeing things a little differently, and positively. To the rest of the citizens who are not linked to the aforementioned practice of cattle keeping, you too have a crucial role to play by refraining from violent self-conduct. It is worth noting that the government takes responsibility when the country is plagued by political instability but it is not the custodian of peace. As we eagerly wait for the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity slated for February next year, I must make no bone about it to say, there are timid, ignorant people working around the clock to derail the efforts being exerted to the path of lasting peace. The good aspect is that history will judge each and every one of us for the contribution we are making today toward the development of the country. So, be a peace ambassador if you do not want to be written down as an anti-peace agent.

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