Citizens’ reactions to 11 days remaining

By: Martha David

With only 11 days to the end of the extended 100 days of the pre-transitional period, Juba Monitor caught up with some Juba residents to find out their opinions.

Zainab, who is a student said there was no need for further discussions on the issues of states. “If the people of South Sudan are comfortable with 32 states there is no problem, what people need is peace.”   

She stated that it was important to listen to the voice of the people because the two leaders want power for the sake of the people.

“Let them leave their differences but they should listen to the voice of people, the important thing is people’s voice, work with the voice of the people,” she explained. “Let our leaders be serious in that matter and let them listen to the voice of the people,” Zainab reiterated.

Erma, a tea vendor along Juba Airport Road said she was hopeful for peace and that within 11 days the government will be formed.

“If there is peace we would have not been selling tea, yet we have Degrees.  If people were united we would have not ended like that,” she said.

She said the 32 states should not be an issue to stop the peace process completely unless if there is no will for peace

Erma urged the parties to the agreement to leave their differences and consider suffering of their citizens.

Santino Amet, a driver said people have been suffering and that it was time now for everyone to have his rights.

“We want this country to go straight we have suffered enough,” he said.

“God has created us to be together and to stay in peace with each other,” Amet added.

Sabila Juma said things are expensive in the market because of conflict, “if roads were to be opened goods would be imported to the country and people would be in good situations, good market and children would go to school and sick persons can access the hospitals.”

Juma hopes for a good result after 11 days

“We pray to God to change the hearts of our leaders. We need good result within the remaining days,” she stressed.

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