Citizens react to introduction of new foreign languages

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Citizens in the country have welcomed the Government’s process of introducing three more new languages to supplement English in South Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, a shop keeper in Konykonyo market Akeen Arkangello said that it was acceptable to have the languages to help in the interaction.

 “It’s okay for us to know the languages of people around us, especially the East Africa and now that we are members of community we need to know Kiswahili, in order to interact with Ugandan, Kenyan and maybe Rwandan and Burundi,”

He added that it was good that the government had introduced the languages which was going to help the next generation.

“We the ageing will not be able to learn or make it but it’s good for the next generation to learn Kiswahili, while for French it’s an international language and therefore we should know  it, for instance people who might work in the Embassies e.g. working in Congo it would need more time to learn in case a person has not learned it before, “he added.

However, a boda rider Jolly Taban said that it was really a good idea to have these languagese specially Kiswahili.

“Now that we are part of East African countries and Kiswahili is the official language there as South Sudanese should know it, I encourage everyone to learn Kiswahili and the rest of the languages like French and Turkish, “Jolly said.

Meanwhile, another shop keeper Amel Aguer said that its okay to have these languages in the country but her worry was how long it would take South Sudanese to learn them.

The Aim of learning the languages is to build the capacity of local teachers and prepare them to teach Turkish, French and Kiswahili languages.

This is according to an agreement which was signed earlier with the three countries namely Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC), Turkey, and Tanzania.

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