Citizens of Latjor State needs complete government

By Buay Kandong Liem

Latjor State, one of the four recently established states in our beloved country has waited and it is still waiting without a complete government for four good months to date. The waiting as this article suggests have been a hack of a long wait by the state citizens considering the time the state has existed without a cabinet, legislature and other State’s necessary branches.

Three weeks ago a positive step was taken (appointment of Deputy Governor Elijah Lich Bany Keat; not sworn in yet) which many of the state citizens thought would have been the takeoff bell towards an immediate formation of the state government. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be the case until this hour. This made Latjor citizens impatient, irritable and wants practical explanation for the delay.

Being among the State’s privileged members with access to the appointed State’s Governor Peter Gatkuoth Kor, day-in-day-out, I have learned through exposure that even my State’s Governor could not precisely say anything about the hard-to-recover constitutional vacuum in this newly created State leaving the citizens to individually speculate on what might have been the problem: could there be good, real reasons for the delay? Was the creation of our state not from a well-studied conscious leadership’s decision? Where does the delay lie and would it be an excuse from him? Is there a precedent to this delay we are dealing with in our State? With these, I am not challenging the leadership but simply a registration of my honest frustration with that unfavorable delay yet the state was established through a Republican decree.

One other important question which might help cast some light on the matter above is this simple additional question -why did it take the government four complete months to appoint the Deputy Governor of Latjor State?

Indeed the delay has only benefited the enemies of this relative peace we all hope to perfect in the land. The delay has benefited those still misleading our innocent civilians in surrounding areas of Nasir town whom we would have driven out by now by our physical presence in the town if we had been allowed to take the advantage of the already gone dry season.

The energy, focus and determination I am seeing from our Governor would have settled us well in the town by now and thus would have helped in moving the state forward. It is our physical presence in the area that will encourage our displaced civil population to come back to Nasir town to enjoy together with us the services we are taking to them which they did not enjoy due to the eruption of the war back in 2013.

We should have been taking to our people health, job opportunities, and schools—in summary, the restatement of all the benefits disrupted by the war. Better yet, we are taking a whole State into our historical lineage as Lajor Diyan decedents.

Given the hardship we are currently facing as a nation, those of us left with some sanity in the brain at this stage in our nation’s chapter are very aware of the challenges we are facing in the country. Apparently things are in that low a pace they are in because of the war in the country which has serious repercussions to the nation’s economy.

Anything one complains about in Juba here or elsewhere in the country is now a day strictly tight up to the daily reality of our ever worsening economy—money is not simply there to run the kind of things that we all desire to do and this seems to affect all, the individuals and the government.

This might also have links to the delay we are complaining about here as Latjor State’s citizens. But have we really reached that stage to have no fund for the daily functioning of our states? Yes it is understandable that our leadership is pushed to deal with more pressing matters as anyone of us can guess but that shouldn’t be done at the expense of an important unit like a State because they have a critical role to play in the overall quest of returning our country peaceful living again.

Amidst all these, we can only urge and pray our leaders to allow us to form our government because the waiting has indeed been a hack of a long wait.

The author lives in Juba and can be reached @ phallikahbuay@gmail.com or call 0916102200


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