It was shocking news to learn that the government decided to ask its citizens to contribute money to finance the process of the peace agreement, no one was convinced to believe because this is ridiculous indeed. Imagine, the richest country could not have enough money and had to only depend largely on foreign support in almost everything. Education, economy, and health sectors are often supported by international organizations and foreign governments, they have also supported South Sudan with money to make sure the peace agreement or processes are done.

Unfortunately, the government surprised the citizens with an unbelievable request that they should contribute money to support the peace agreement. First, we need to ask a few questions concerning this. Where does South Sudan’s money from Minerals and oil go to? Is this request showing that the whole government is broke and citizens are rich? Where do you expect poor citizens (civil servants), not given a salary on time to get money from? Does it mean that if they don’t contribute, the peace agreement will fail and then blame it on them? These questions seek answers that can lead to better understanding.

It was like a joke or rumor when civilians and especially journalists heard the news and began talking on the matter, some are readily provided that it is for the sake of peace while others said they have no money to contribute. Imagine someone paid 4,000 SSP, could he or she be able to divide this little money? The sad funny part is that even if citizens accept to contribute whether by giving the little salary or sell their chickens, goats, and cows but the worry is that the money will not go into a right hand. It doesn’t matter how it would be collected, even if into the bank account said to have recently been created, still it may get misused. How much money has been mismanaged and looted, it is plenty? 

Another worry is that this request could be an excuse that the leaders are not willing to implement peace, or they had faced some political blockage and if citizens request to contribute, they will be blamed for the failure of implementation of the peace agreement.

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