Citizens impressed by the Juba-Bor Road construction

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Citizens who toured the Juba-Bor road construction over the weekend were full of praise and impressed by the level of commitment on the road.

Africa Resources Cooperation on Saturday took a number of South Sudanese youth to see the progress on the Juba-Bor road expected to end in 2023.

Makuei Wokil told Juba Monitor that the ongoing work at the Juba-Bor road shows how serious the government is in connecting the entire country with the best road Network.

“Am really happy with the work been done by Africa Resources Cooperation, this road will connect Juba to the greater Jongolei and this will mean more business opportunities for the young people”, Makuei

Monica Kelly was impressed by how wide the road is and vowed to travel to Bor by road once the construction is completed.

“This is the widest road I have ever seen, I can imagine how many trucks, small cars and motor cycles will move on this road without congestion”, said Monica

Monica said that the large width of the road will control accidents on the road, as there will be enough space for every user.

Rashid Oman, described the Juba-Bor road as one of the best in the region upon completion in 2023.

“I have travelled across South Sudan and this road is one the kind in the country and am so happy that majority South Sudanese youth are part of this project”, said Rashid

Sarah Osman a radio personality who also visited the ongoing road construction told Juba Monitor that the same road network should be extended all over the country.

“Juba-Bor road construction is great and I wish the same is also extended to all the roads in South Sudan”, said Sarah

Yassin Moses revealed that once the road is completed, he would not mind going for a business trip to Bor in the morning and returning back to Juba in the morning.

Juba-Bor road engineer Steven Mogaya revealed that the road construction won’t be affected by the ongoing floods and rain the country is experiencing

“We have culverts situated at key sections of the roads that will ensure smooth flow of water, whatever volumes of water that comes will not affected the work going on”,  Steven said  

Juba-Bor road construction expected to be ready by 2023 is been under taken by Africa Resources Cooperation, a local construction firm.

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