Citizens hope for better service delivery

By Martha David

As the new cabinet Ministers take office, some residents in Juba say they expect the new Transitional Government of National Unity to provide better services to the people.

Opodhi Onyongo, a former local Government official said he expects the new cabinet to do more work to achieve what has not been achieved since the country became independent.

 He pointed out that the representation of women in the key positions would map the way forward for the cabinet to do more.

“It is good that the government has included women. Women are very honest, they are not corrupt, they are very serious in work, they will work   for the benefit of the people,” Onyongo said.

Onyongo urged the old faces in the government to work collaboratively with the new faces in the cabinet in order to make progress and to deliver services to the people.

He said the most important thing was to have better security in the country.

“The security is needed from the new government; it would encourage the people in the refugee camp to come back to the country,” he added.

He revealed that people of South Sudan have been patient for long and they have suffered enough from the conflict.

He urged the new government to take serious measures about the unknown gunmen causing insecurity in the country.

Rita Wasuk, a vender at Konyo Konyo Market hoped that the new cabinet will change the situation of women, especially those in the market who were struggling to raise their children.

Wasuk said she wants new government to take their offices seriously and put the interest of the citizens first.

 “I want those  women in the ministerial positions to be strong, let them not leave the work for men alone, let them  work hard  to look at us at the grassroots, let them not forget us, we are not going to leave them also, they are our leaders,” she said.

Mayoum Arop who is not employed said the new government should prioritize education, health and employment for the youth.

He urged the government to have trust in them as they take the new tasks and also accept the truth in order to move forward.

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