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Citizens fundamental security providers- Yei commissioner

Agrey Cyrus Kanyikwa The Commissioner of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

The Commissioner of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State urged a citizen to be fundamental providers of security in Yei county.

Agrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said that he believes that if citizens do not participate in providing security, it will expose the system to either internal or external thread.

He called on the population to contribute to ensure safety of their environment and neighbourhood.

Cyrus encouraged the civilian population to cooperate and assist the local authority with information.

“The citizens are the fundamental providers of security. If citizens do not participate in providing security, then we are under threat either from within or for us not to succumb to threat, citizens should contribute to ensure that their environment, neighbourhood and children and elders are safe. How do we do that? It is by cooperating and assisting the authority that is available in the area to make sure that they are safe, “advised the commissioner.

Cyrus stressed that the security of human being, properties and resources is the priority and responsibility of the government.

The local government leader called for total peace in the area in order to ensure proper security.

He reminded the citizens of the need for forgiveness and reconciliation and avoid hatred in order to have peace.

“The security of human beings, resources and property is important to us as a government. We want the people to cooperate to ensure that we have have security, we need peace. Peace is within us and it is with us, peace is not with somebody. We still have some people who think that peace is with somebody. Peace is with us. If we are able to forgive each other, we start with ourselves, forgiving and living with the most person you hate and he extends to another neighbour and all of us will be we need to remove hate if we are to have peace, “appeals Aggrey.

He added if there is peace and love, there is no need to have soldiers in Yei River County because the soldiers are to protect civilians and their properties

The government leader encouraged the entire population of Yei county to reconcile, forgive each other and leave together as brothers and sisters forgetting the past that has happened and open a new chapter.

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