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Citizens dispute prolonged detention by police in Bor

By Deng Ghai Deng

The citizensin Jonglei State raised concern over prolonged detention of the people by police without charges in Bor town over the weekend.

Gabriel Deng Ajak, a Bor town resident said he was arrested and detained for seven (7) days and later he was released without being taken to court.

“My condition in the detention was very alarming. I was put in a latrine until I nearly suffocated. My detention was unfair because if anybody has to be arrested, it has to be within 24 hours and your case presented to court or you’re released or bailed out. But the police were ordered to detain me without bail or being taken to court,” Ajak said.

He added that his detention was unfair and a violation of his rights. Some of the people who were detained accused the state officials of interfering with police by prolonging detention and mistreatment of suspects.

Meanwhile, Deng Mabur,Dukcounty paramount chief said that police refused to grant them bail nor took them to a court of law.

“All the necessary legal processes for our bail have been completed but the police refused to release us because state government say they should not bail anyone out,” said Mabur.

He added that his health condition in police custody wasdeteriorating.

However, Abraham Biar, a defence lawyer to the chiefs who are currently in detention, condemned the prolonged detention of his clients.

“The chiefs are detained in Bor town police station. Their investigations are over and the public attorney has authorized their release on bail but the executive arm of the government made an interference that they cannot be released on bail. That’s illegal and I am now taking a step to ask the judge to order for their release,”Biar said.

Major Majak Tuor, the Jonglei state police spokesperson saidthat when the police detainedsomeone, the investigations should be carried out before the person is released.

“There are two things involved when police arrests someone. The investigation has to be completed first. Secondly, when the case involves more parties, we hold the suspects and we take their statements,” Tuor said.

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