Citizens disappointed with Dr. Machar

A civil society activist said citizens are disappointed with Dr. Riek Machar after he refused to meet the steering committee of the national dialogue in South Africa.

The steering committee travelled to South Africa last week to seek Dr. Machar’s opinion and view on the national dialogue process.

Jame David Kolok, the Exective Director of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance [FODAG] said it is one of the challenges the steering committee is likely to face as it continues to pursue the national dialogue process within and outside the country.

He said the steering committee took a good step to go and meet Dr. Machar so as to let him have his input, views and opinions regarding national dialogue, saying upto now citizens are not aware of what had happened exactly.

“The committee should be clear enough to tell the citizens, whether it was Dr. Riek Machar or the government of South Africa who turned down efforts for the two parties to meet” Kolok said.

“Our advice to the steering committee, though they  were unsuccessful in meeting Dr. Machar for whatever reasons, is that; they should not give up because these are some of the challenges they will face as they pursue the process of the national dialogue,” Kolok said.

He said the citizens are hopeful and believe the steering committee will continue to pursue other means as well as seeking the views of other political leaders to make the national dialogue a success.

However, the Director of Communication and Information Unit at the National Dialogue, Alfred Taban  said the process of making contact with the opposition leaders  will continue despite the fact that the delegation did not meet. Dr Riek Machar.

“Dr. Riek did not meet the delegation, but the dialogue with him is continuing,” Taban said.

“Actually letters were exchanged and there were massages sent to Dr. Riek  by the delegation and they received some responses from him.”

He said Dr. Machar stated clearly that the national dialogue is not a bad idea, saying the priority for him as Dr. Riek Machar, was the implementation of the “peace agreement signed in August 2015, then the national dialogue comes next”.

Taban added that the steering committee respects Dr. Machar’s opinion, saying the national dialogue is the basis on which all citizens’ views are respected.

He said there is still a possibility for the delegation to meet Dr. Riek Machar since the government of South African was working on the process.

By Kidega Livingstone

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