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Citizens decry over shortage of clean water

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Citizens of Yei River County River County of Central Equatoria State are complaining of access to clean drinking water.

The call came prior to the commemoration of the world day of water which is commemorated annually on the 22nd of March.

One of the citizens, a resident of Gezira residential area complained that his area has only one borehole which is not enough to serve the entire population of the area.

He called for the government and its partners to ensure the provision of clean drinking water since it is a basic need of human beings and animals.

Another citizen who preferred to be called Mama Deiya said women always go through a difficult situation in search of clean drinking water, especially during dry season.

Peter Wol Dut a resident of Hai police commented that some of his residences rely and survive on water from the wells which is not clean for consumption.

“We lack clean drinking water in the whole area, we only have one borehole which can’t accommodate the entire population, especially during dry season like this, women wake up early in the morning to go and fetch water which takes very long time to get the water. Some of us who are not within the perimeter of the town survives on water from Yei River and wells which is not clean for human consumption. We call upon the government and the partners to ensure the provision of clean drinking water in the areas which are much affected,”

Meanwhile, other citizens applauded Yei Town’s water and sanitation services for ensuring the provision of clean drinking in the town.

They called on the management of Yei Town water and sanitation services to extend the services to areas beyond the town to benefit a big population.

“We appreciate Yei town water and sanitation service that are doing a great work in the town providing clean drinking either with their Tanks or Taps which is helping many people, especially during occasions. We appeal that they extend the services to areas which are not reached in order to reduce their burden of searching for clean drinking water,”

However, responding to the cry of the citizens, Mawa Robert Yei town water and sanitation services managing director says they have water Kiosk in the town perimeter.

He revealed constructions of more water Kiosks in the areas which don not have the accessibility to clean drinking water.

Mawa regretted that areas that are not demarcated will not benefit from the water points which are going to be constructed in the areas which were not reached.

Clip 1 water and sanitation.

“We have some Kiosk within the town. We are also planning to construct more Kiosks within Yei. We started in January and ends in August. For the areas which we did not reach are not demarcated and when we lay our pipes it will destroy houses and we shall be blamed. So we are only concentrating in areas which are demarcated to avoid problems,”Mawa noted.

The managing director expressed their willingness and readiness to provide clean drinking water to the citizens of Yei.

He revealed three systems of water delivery to the citizens in the residential areas lorry delivery, Kiosk construction and Taps.

 “Yei Town water is providing clean and safe affordable water to the citizens of Yei Town. We normally have three systems of delivering water to the citizens. One we deliver water through lorry deliver system, we also have Kiosks where people can access clean water in the area and connection to willing people’s premises and use the clean water,” He reveals. 

Water is a basic need of human beings and animals that is necessary to have at every moment to sustain human life.

The glob has marked the 22nd of March annually as a world day for water to raise awareness on the importance of water.

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