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Citizens decry over poor road network in Aweil

Hou Akot Hou

Authorities in Tiar-aliet Payam in Aweil South County decry over poor road network connecting people who were affected by poor harvests and those whose homes were submerged by water.

Deng Dut, a community leader says they have resisted attempts by the relief agencies in the area such as JAM, an International NGO, not to distribute food without justifying how the ration cards are not given to the very victims who were listed but due to poor road, it couldn’t allow the area to be accessed.

“Many people are not benefiting as their cards are being misplaced or given to the wrong people. How come you distribute food to people who are few and the majority will be left in destitution” He emphasizes

Meanwhile, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Deputy Coordinator for Aweil South County Lual Lual Akuein said that the State government is working very hard to help ease ways of giving relief items to the vulnerable.

“We heard a lot of complaints regarding a result of impatience and desperation but local authorities like the commissioner intervene to help address this chaos. These people are staging a demonstration that is preventing the distribution of food and it is not good. If these people are saying the county commissioner needs to go there then he shall go and we are ready for solving it”

He added that the food distribution was meant for two Boma sub-villages only but they are going to see to it that what is indispensable is done on time to get this addressed as hundreds of people are food incapacitated or insecure in the county and state at large.

He revealed that the food distribution in Northern Bahr el Gazal brings about tensions in most parts of the state as a result of malpractices which is being blamed on the local authorities, chiefs, and the food distributors as preferred to being blamed on those in the power of distribution.

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