Citizens commemorate 16 days of activism against GBV

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Thousands of civilians in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State have joined the World to celebrate the 16 days of activism against Gender-based Violence in Yei County under the theme “Orange the World; End Violence against Women now,”.

Voice for Change Social Worker, Emmanuel Betty Samuel, said that the 16 days of activism was good to advocate against Gender-based violence.

“It is a very important day because it campaigns for an end to gender based violence against women globally that is why today women of the county of Yei and other men who stood with us in the 16 days of activism. We are advocating for the rights of the women. There is a lot of violence both physical and other forms of violence. Women are not respected in the communities, they are beaten, raped and small girls denied access to education and forced to marriage that is why we came together as different organizations to see into that the issue of all forms of violence comes to an end. We are very grateful that through the advocacy of the 16 days of activism, there will be an end to this kind of violence,” said Betty.

Women representatives, Tukube Joseph, called for respect for women at all levels.

She said that she believed the discrimination against women would bring curse to the world and called on equal representation of women in government setup.

Tukube urgedmen to love, respect and refrain from all forms of violence against the women.

“You need to see any woman like your mother. The woman who carried you in her womb for nine months, gave birth and took care of you when you are a baby up to now and you are going to marry a woman, you need to look at them the same and don’t do anything bad against a woman because it will bring a curse to you and to the nation. Respect your wife like your we need to bring an end to this. If you are one who participate in doing bad things against women, we need to stop it from today up to the day we leave this world,” appealed Joseph.

Meanwhile, Yei County Inspector of Gender, Emma Melli Charles, reiterated against early marriages as source of wealth.

She called on both the county and national governments to recognise the role played by the few women in all sectors.

“We as women generally in Yei, we are advocating for the rights of the women in all all sectors, women should be in positions according to their capabilities and level of education. Women should be respected and we are advocating for the rights of our girls. We don’t want our girls to be used as source of income in the families. We are also lobbying for our girls education in order to replace the women leaders in the long end gender based violence against women, we need the government to recognize the presence of the few women serving at different institutions,” requested the inspector of gender in the county.

New report from UN Women showed in 13 countries since the outbreak of the pandemic that, 2 in 3 women reported that they experience some form of violence.

This year’s national theme of activism is: “Take action, be accountable: End violence against Women and Girls in South Sudan.”

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