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Citizens call on Gov’t to speed up peace process

By Yiep Joseph

Citizens at the Protection of Civilian (POC) site in Juba urged the parties to the agreement to speed up peace process in order to ensure everlasting peace and safety for them to return to their homes.

Speaking to the Media Yesterday,a youth leader at the POC, Kaway Gatluak Pathot said the parties to the agreement should speed up all the steps to everlasting peace in the country.

He revealed that the International Peace Day would remain meaningless to South Sudanese due to the continuous fighting in most part of the country.

“Today, we are supposed to celebrate International Peace Day like other countries but due to lack of peace in our country, we are just quiet,” Kaway complained.

He urged the government to solve the rampant insecurity in the country.

“We do not love to stay in POC but the insecurity forced us to stay here therefore, though we are not celebrating the International Peace Day but we call on our government to bring to an end the issue of insecurity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nyakour Moses Aduom revealed that life had remained hard due to limited food stuffs, shelter and other basics needs.

“We have no enough food and we sleep in tents, when it is cold our children suffer from coldness which at times causes sickness,” she said.

“I need our government to know our suffering and the need for peace in order for us to go back to our homes and do our businesses freely.”

She revealedthatgovernment had to bring all the people together in order to dialogue and attain lasting peace.

Gatluak Tuel Lam mentioned that incase government delayed to bring peace to the country people in POC would remain in those sites.

“We need government to bring peace to the country and incase government failed to bring peace to the country we will remain in POC which is not good for us,” Lam said

“We have lived in POC for six years and we need peace soon, I want to go to my village.”

Last month,several leaders including governor of Unity State and Jonglei State respectively visited POC as a move to discuss issues related to peace and how the InternallyDisplaced Persons in POC could return to their homes and villages.

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