Citizens are traumatized by the conflict -Bishop Isaiah

By Moses Gum Degur

The General Overseer of the Sudan and South Sudan Pentecostal Church, Bishop Dr. Isaiah Majok Dau, said the people of South Sudan are traumatized by the on-going conflict in their country.

Bishop Dau said South Sudanese people are distressed by what he described as “the hopeless situation” the country is passing through for years.

He made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the one-day symposium on federalism held at Grand Hotel on Tuesday, 12th September, 2017.

Bishop Dau said many people who are now creating problems to others are groups depressed by the situation and persistent conflict in the nation and that is why there are killings.

“Our people are traumatized by the war and that is why there is conflict in the country”, he said. “If you are born in the war, grew up in war, get educated in war time and get married in the same place, how would you not think of killing,” the Bishop questioned.

Bishop Dau said the current conflict according to him, is fueled by stress from some elements who he said there intention is to keep the nation in a mess.

He said majority of the people in this country are traumatized by the persistent crisis for decades, which he said is the one dragging the nation to continuous violence.

“There is trauma and hopelessness in this country. We are experiencing levels of violence which we have never seen before,” the bishop said.

He said peace would only prevail if all the people of South Sudan can realise their mistakes and come back and forgive one another.

“People are suffering because there is lack of faith in God. If there is faith, then people would have respect for human dignity and stop killing,” Bishop Dau added.

He said for South Sudan to move out of the crisis, there is need for human respect, love of God and forgiveness amongst the different ethnic groups. He further said many South Sudanese are suffering due to war caused by people whom he said “don’t put God ahead” and that is why they are causing suffering and hinder development.

Bishop Dr. Dau urged South Sudanese to strengthen their faith in God and renew their hearts to solve problems and reconcile with one another. He gave an assurance that South Sudan will come back to normalcy if people are united.



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