Citizens are suffering due to economic meltdown

By John Dau Reth

Economic crisis is a major problem facing many people in the city of South Sudan. The high prices of goods are faced by both the employed and the unemployed. Those who are employed have meagre salaries which cannot afford to anything even 10kg of maize flour because the price is high. A 50kg of maize flour costs about 10,000 SSP and cooking oil is about 6000 SSP; yet private army officers receive 1200 SSP as monthly salary which cannot buy the above mentioned items.

If you ask a shopkeeper, he/she would say it is because the dollar rate is high even though the trader might have bought the goods before the increase of the dollar rate.

South Sudan became the world newest nation and Africa 55th country on July 9/2011. The renewed conflict in December, 2013 and July 2017 have undermined the development since the independence and worsened the situation all over South Sudan.

The conflict is estimated to have led to nearly four hundred thousand deaths since 2013 and more than 4.3 million people have been displaced both internally and to the neighboring countries. The latest update suggests that about seven million were assessed to be severally food insecure between May and September 2018 update. While South Sudan is the most oil dependent country in the world with oil counting for almost the total export and its gross domestic product per capital in 2014 1,111 dropping to less than$200 in 2017.

The government should tackle the current economic crisis to improve food production, create employment, build infrastructure and diversify the economy.


The author is a student of Development Communication and Public Relations at the University of Juba. For comments, contact email: stephanjoseph41@gmail.com


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