Less than a month ago, the parties to the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity demonstrated a very high sense of commitment to peace by breaking state deadlock, which has for so long made the entire process stagnant. President Kiir reverted the country from the controversial 32 states to ten, a decision that was applauded by regional and international peace partners. The development was also to the excitement of the disenfranchised citizens, who considered the return to ten states a beacon of hope for lasting peace and stability in the country. That hope was kept alive with the swearing in of the five Vice Presidents, which was expected to be followed by the ministerial appointments within the shortest space of time possible. But more than two weeks down the line, nothing has happened. The citizens are in the dark of what could really be transpiring, the hope that was initially high, is shrinking. Several reports accusing opposition of thwarting the efforts to form the new cabinet have been speculated. Last week, a reliable source from J1 revealed to Juba Monitor the exact picture of the drama rocking the newly-formed government. “The President has been ready all these days to appoint the cabinet ministers but Dr. Riek Machar has not been showing a sign of positive cooperation and commitment in the appointment of cabinet ministers to the RTGoNU. He has been consistently frustrating efforts to put together the list of possible ministers for the appointment. This is not the spirit of peace.” That is a baffling revelation. Opposition must put their house in order within the shortest timeframe possible. This is not the time for taking tranquilizing drugs of confusion and engaging in derailing the peace process. The citizens and the global peace partners were not wrong when they rejoiced the initial compromises made by the two principals in bringing about lasting peace and ending the long suffering of the citizens. This peace should be real, and we should not be made to think we have been offered a dummy.

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