Citizens angry at City Council over garbage collection

By: Martha David

Some residents in Juba have expressed anger at the City Council over the rampant garbage in the town.

They said the delay of garbage collection from the markets and the residential areas was a menace.

Moze Joseph, a watchman at one of the schools in Juba said the City Council was doing nothing as the whole streets in Juba were parked with garbage.

He said despite the garbage fees being collected for the people the trucks always do not come on time.

“The trucks come once in a month or after two weeks and there are people who often carry the garbage at night secretly and dump it at the road side and there are others who dump at day time and when the City Council delay to collect them this causes heap of garbage everywhere,” he added.

Joseph urged people to have a spirit of ownership for the country and unite together in cleaning the city.

John Bol said most residential areas did not have truck that can collect the garbage, adding that the rampant garbage along the road was tarnishing the image of the country.

Bol further said the trucks only collect the garbage dumped along the road side and ignoring the residential areas.

“In the residential areas people are forced to either burn the garbage or dump them along the road,” he said.

“The garbage is everywhere in the markets in Juba and people are selling edible food next to it. If you go to Konyo-konyo market you will close your nose,” Bol said.

A tea vendor who works along Juba airport road and only referred to be identified as Busaina, said garbage dumping in Juba was a serious issue that the City Council needs to address.

“I see some of the residential areas is very dirty and people don’t listen, they just through the garbage anyhow rather collect it in one place and burn it,” she said.

Earlier the City Council had hired six trucks to collect garbage from residential areas in Juba. City Council contracted three companies to work with them but since then heap of garbage still remained of the street.

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