Citizens alarmed by new water prices

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Citizens across Juba town decry over increase of water prices by water suppliers in Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Deng Tong Bol, a resident of Thongpiny said the New Year has turned into a dry one for water suppliers so they want to increase the price of water per drum.

“As we hope for the change with the New Year, nothing has changed from water tankers regarding the new price. We the ordinary citizens want water suppliers to reduce the prices to 250 SSP for places close to the river such as Juba town, Malakia, Malakal, Atlabara, Khor Wolyiang, Jebel, Mauna, Munuki and Thongpiny, we also want water-tank drivers to continue selling water in old price,” he appealed.

He revealed that currently a 100L drum of water is sold at 500 South Sudanese Pounds in Thongpiny but he is not sure at how much the same is sold in other residential areas.

Andre Sulema, one of the water tank drivers said that the New Year has come up with different price.

“The new price is not heart beat for citizens because we all know that the car spare parts in the market are very expensive plus general service of the vehicle. For sure the new price will bring good income for us so that when the car breaks down, we are able to repair it quickly,” Andre said.

He added that it is very difficult for them to drop water drum to lower costs because some of the services that the vehicles need are still high in the market. In the market alone, the traders are referring to prices of spare parts, which they say remain high.

“If I buy a litre of fuel at 350 SSP and then sell the water at 220 SS pounds, that is a loss,” Sulema said.

Kenyi Peter John, one of the Munuki residents said that the new price of water drum which was introduced by water suppliers has shocked citizens.

“The new prices shocked me last year during Christmas holiday but I thought things would change for the New Year. Currently 100L drum of water is sold at 600 SS pounds in Munuki,” Peter said.

Peter appeals to the government to solve the issue of water suppliers in the city.

Last year, the Chairperson of the South Sudan Business Union, Ayii Duang Ayii, ordered the water suppliers to sell water at lower prices to the public and that led them to protest against what they described as unreasonably imposed water sale prices by the authorities.

Ayii threatened to take drastic measures against water suppliers who do not comply with the new directives.

The proposed price for a drum of water is 350 SS Pounds for Malakia, Malakal, Atlabara, Khor William, Jebel, Mauna, Munuki and Thongpiny, Mia Saba, New Site, Gudele, Referendum, Gurei and Jebel Dinka.

Ayii Duang Ayii, said they have agreed with Nilepet that the fuel prices will be reduced to 220 SSP per litre to help solve this issue of high-water prices in town. 

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