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Churches urge state government to strengthen service delivery

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei.

The Bishop of Yei Catholic Diocese Erkolano Lodu Tombe has urged the Central Equatoria State government to strengthen service delivery for a better future to the citizens.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Erkolano said that leaders should be strong, honest and work for the betterment of South Sudanese.

“I call on the leadership of Governor Emmanuel and President Kiir to fight corruption and avoid being tempted by the devil.We need them to encourage us when situation is like this and we need them also to be good in their own personal lives, governance and responsibility so that they are not tempted by the devil that tempts especially people in high positions maybe to be corrupt or to steal,” Erkolano.

He added that all the religious leadersshould pray to Godso that the devil could not tempt leaders and encourage them not to be afraid of the difficult situation.

“We pray that the temptation of the devil will not get into the lives of our leaders but to be honest leaders (need) to continue leading the nation with the example of their lives but again we want to assure you that God is with you,” he said.

He revealed that Church and the government in Yei-River Countywere incooperation. The Catholic Bishop called for justice to the murderers of the religious sister who was shot in 2016 in Yei while delivering a pregnant mother to the harvesters’ primary health care unit.

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