Churches getting ready for reopening

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Churches in the country are organizing for reopening awaiting orders from the President.

Father James Oyet Latansio, the Secretary General of South Sudan Council of Churches told Juba Monitor in a phone interview that the churches were being organized to make sure that they meet all the requirements of Coronavirus context before reopening.

Oyet revealed of measures of few worshipers, ensuring of entrance and exit at churches, hand washing facilities are being organized in all big churches as they await order from President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

“What we are doing at the moment is to organize the churches and make sure that they are ready in the context of coronavirus and wait for order from the President about the opening of the churches,” said Oyet.

Oyet revealed that the rumors that churches will open this Sunday is false adding that the official communication of reopening of churches will come from the President.

However the pastors from the South Sudan Pentecostal Church convened a meeting on Tuesday with the agenda of reopening churches during the pandemic.

Bishop Isaiah Dau was not reachable for comments before press time.

The South Sudan Pentecostal Church whose Overseer Bishop Isaiah Dau posted on the Juba Christian Center official page said that the Pentecostal Churches will reopen effectively this weekend and invited members to come and join them in fellowships.

Babara Lagum, a believer at Watoto Church Juba told Juba Monitor that they were also waiting for official communication to resume prayers.

“At the moment we follow prayers every Sunday on the radio and waiting for official communications so that we can reopen,” said Babara.

Some Born again churches across Juba are operational though in limited numbers.

Moses Elilkana the press Secretary in the office of the governor of Western Equatoria said that churches in Yambio were temporarily opened but still waiting for official order from President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

It’s almost four months since President Salva Kiir Mayardit suspended gatherings in the country as a way of preventing the spread of coronavirus, however the President promised to reopen the worshipping places.

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