Kidega Livingstone

Bishops, Priests and Pastors from different churches in the Country have begun what they termed as “Serious prayers to remove the devils out of those who are destroying the nation.

The Prayer which begun yesterday targeted political leaders who uses tribalism to gain political  powers, those in black market, cattle raiders, rapists, those misusing social media, the corrupt and those stealing people’s properties.

The faith based leaders said the prayers would continue until changes emerged in the country.

In his sermon, Archbishop of Episcopal Church, Daniel Deng Bul Yak said the prayers the churches had been holding in the past were not serious since people continued to die and others left to the neighboring countries because of insecurity and hunger in most parts of the nation.

“We have set aside this day of today (yesterday) to cry before God because we are losing our children and women. As we are crying for our children in the country, forgive us God,” Deng said.

“There are people who are using tribalism for political gain, let us accuse these people who are destroying this Country before God so that God will rescue them from the hands of the devil,” he added.

Bishop Deng Bul revealed that churches had started coming with serious complaints to God. “We are going to accuse the devil today (yesterday) before God because it has entered our people because cattle raiders are killing people instead of killing cattle,” he added.

The prayer that brought thousands of women, children, youth and elders was organized by all the churches in the Country and headed by Episcopal Church as they join the rest of the World in World International Peace Day. During the prayers, group of Bishops used clean water mixed with salt to represent the tear of those who died during the conflict.

Bishop Deng expressed hope that the prayers the churches had launched indicated that churches had declared war between Christians and devils. “It is our job as churches to bring this country back from the hand of devils,” said Bishop Deng.

He added that churches had done a great mistake not to pray real prayers before God. He said the time had come to accuse devils, those who are raping women and killing the people. “There is no reason for our people to die and be scattered away,” he said.

In the same tone, one of the priests, Michael Tombe said churches should not divide themselves in order to fight the devil out of this country that he described as fighting spiritually not physically”.

“Today (yesterday) we are announcing that devils come out of our people in the name of Jesus Christ,” the Bishops and Priests declared.

Susan Keji, a student who attended the prayer said the prayer was serious and in time the country will change from bad to good.

She said the only thing Christians should do was to come together for such prayers and church leaders to come together.

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