Churches call for National prayers against coronavirus

By Kidega Livingstone

A Theologian and the Rector of Biblical Theological College, Pastor Noah L.Watts has called on  South Sudan Council of Churches to hold a nationwide fasting and prayer for three days to help in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking during the launch of his book entitle: “Global Awareness on Coronavirus” Pastor Noah revealed that coronavirus was one of the outbreaks  sent as disciplinary action for painful evil deeds because God was angry as written in book of  Revelation 16:1.

Pastor Noah described coronavirus as “manifesto of anger of God on intolerable evil deeds” because  the existence of legalized evil deeds that have been accepted as  human practices that include homosexual, establishment of commercial churches, preaching of prosperity by some church leaders and establishment of demonic secret organizations under spiritual leadership.

He noted that to please God so that he can change his mind and old back the remaining outbreak from being poured on earth national prayer should be done nationwide.

“National Council of Churches of every nation including South Sudan is to call for a nationwide fasting for at least three days and on the third day of fasting, individuals who had fasted in an every community in the nation shall gather at designated open area for confession of intolerable evil deed and then pray for forgiveness. Thereafter Christians in particular shall refrain from all intolerable evil deed so that God may be merciful to the entire world and hold back the reaming six plagues,” said Pastor Noah.

“Once a nationwide prayer is held, normal activities shall resume and people shall start living by faith,” he added.

According to Pastor Noah the remaining six plagues (outbreaks) will be poured by angles in different locations on earth planet that include the second will be poured on sea and after certain period of years the third angel will pour the outbreak on River and Lake, the fourth angel will pour on Sun, the fifth Angel will pour the outbreak on the throne of the beast, six will pour on the great River Euphrates and finally the seven Angel will pour the outbreak in the Air,” Pastor Noah explained.

“As I have noticed earlier, the first Angel has likely poured the first plague (coronavirus) on a Chinese residing in Wuhan City in Central China,” he said.

Pastor Noah said he cannot oppose any preventive measure put in place by the government, saying people have different degrees of faith.

“As Pastor I preach fearlessly, greatness of God and I don’t preach fear that is why I do appeal to other people, we should have faith but those who think the preventive measures is fine they can continue to abide with,” he said.

Rev. Anthony Hassen of Shabatath Al-Baracka Church said as one way of fighting coronavirus the government has failed to inform the people to have Christ in their lives.

“People should take Christ as their personal savior as churches we have started with the best,” he said.  

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