Church urges political leaders to embark on reconciliation

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

South Sudanese International Christian Fellowship Church in Uganda, called on South Sudanese political leaders and citizens at large to immediately embark on nation healing and reconciliation as peace was already achieved in the country.

The church said the most essential thing to have now is the establishment of a conducive environment for the people of South Sudan to invest time on reunification because the conflict dismantled the love and social fabric built during the days of liberation of South Sudan to become an independent country.

Speaking to congregation the preacher who delivered messages on goodness of Holy Communion explained Holy Communion as realization of spiritual union between Jesus Christ and the communicants.

 David Fugoyo said according to the Bible, Holy Communion means togetherness of the people adding that unity plays a leading role in uniting the citizens and to achieve it churches in South Sudan must be in the forefront to unite people in order to move the country forward.

Pastor Joseph Simbe congratulated political leaders of South Sudan and urged fellow Christians to start serious prayers including fasting for Holy spirit to bless leaders by giving them wisdom which can enable them to lead the people of South Sudan out of suffering and all kinds of negativity.

Simbe applauded Kiir and all opposition leaders for making compromises for the sake of suffering civil population in the country.

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