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Church trains forty on trauma healing

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Forty trained on trauma healing awareness on how to forgive and reconcile within the community.

The aims of this five-day training was to help the people to forgive and to reconcile within themselves and to create awareness on trauma healing among a people.

Speaking after the awarding, the Presbyterian referent of South Sudan and Sudan, John Philips said that South Sudanese needed training to wave off the memories of the war that had they gone through.

“Our country needs the gospel and people who can be train to evangelize people who do not know God’s teachings and among all they need salvation, and they also need to exercise what they have learn from the word of God for them to accomplish what God want them to accomplish and to manage their trauma and stresses so that they will be able to listen”.

He added that South Sudanese were traumatized because we grew up in war and war itself was the problem that gave us trauma. And because of trauma that was why most of us were misbehaving. So, am convinced that I needed to aware people so that they could come down and have harmony within themselves, the neighbors and their fellow citizens, he added.

Meanwhile, Nyipul Gilo Buga, said that the training had given her new live and she needed others to reconcile and forgive themselves as well.

“My heart was full with hatred, but after this five days training, my life has change, because for me to forgive was hard for me, because my heart wouldn’t get so heavy and couldn’t manage to forgive someone so easily, but currently its different and I continue to pray for my people to forgive themselves despite our country situation”.

Meanwhile another disciple awarded a certificate, Apoudho ojulo okoth said that her prayers were for south Sudanese to forgive each other.

“This training has helped me so much and it has helped me believe in forgiveness, I pray and appeal to our people to reconcile and for give themselves”

To give a  victim a feeling that they have control over their lives again 

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