Church to commemorates 140 years of St. Daniel Comboni

By Lodu William Odiya

The postponed Feast of Saint Daniel Comboni celebration scheduled for yesterday at the secondary school premises in Juba to mark 140 since Saint Daniel Comboni’s death has been extended for today.

.Emmanuel Ladu Zachariah head teacher at the school told Juba Monitor that the day was celebrated annually but it had taken three years without celebrating the day due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic which led to the ban on churches from operating.

He revealed that the celebration was organized at the school premises because they were trying to recommit themselves to the work of Saint Daniel Comboni.

“As teachers, we look at the work of teaching as part of the dream of Bishop Daniel Comboni which he wanted Africa to be served by Africans, so now as teachers we are taking the lead in order to serve our own communities”, he said.

He affirmed that since the school was named after Saint Daniel Comboni and it was part of his dream that the school be constructed for the benefit of the country in which it could produce educated people.

He said that the students were going to commit themselves for the tasks that were needed from them and for the task of bringing them up properly in building the nation.

Mr. Zachariah however added that the celebration at St. Theresa cathedral commenced with prayers while entertainment which will be at the school premises as part of student talents show.

Meanwhile the Vice information secretary for the organizing committee, Anita Hadid said, she was happy to celebrate this day because it had taken three to four years without celebrating this day.

“This celebration is really important for us we are remembering the life of our patron Saint Daniel Comboni for what he did for us since he left Italy for Africa and serve us”, she said.

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