CHURCH-State gov’t in land tussle

By BullenBala Alexander

The Pastor in Charge of Christ Church Nakasongola, an African Inland Church, Rev. Jambo Mulla Antero has accused the Central Equatoria State government for trying to grab church land.

Earlier this month,a well-armed group of soldiers believed to be from South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF) attacked Pastor Mulla’s family at Church compound and opened fire on people living in church land.

The attack resulted in to injury of pastor’s son and many children including the pastor himself who survived on allegedly land grabbing tussle.

An attack which was later confirmed by Central Equatoria State Acting Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Monydhang Deng Kuol.

“Yes, we are aware. What happened this morning was that the state government sent some soldiers to go and stop those people from working in that land. The land belong to CES government and those in it have been instructed several times but they could not listen,”CES police commissioner claimed.

“State government sent some soldiers to go and stop them from continuing with the work but when reaching the place they got some people who are claiming to come from national security hired by the Bishop, instead of discussing in peaceful way they shot one of them and that very person who was shot by them shot back and  two legs got broken,” he added.

In a press conference yesterday in Juba, Rev.Mulla Antero the Pastor in Charge of Christ Church, Nakasongola revealed that, the attacker aimed at killing him and his elder son.

He said the church had been there since 1989 before some of these State government, adding until it came to time of demolition of the place but still the church was respected and given document to continue operate.

“We have all legal documents but despite all these, there is a woman called Anna Kaku from CES SPLM Secretariat who came with her own problem when we are seated under the tree, she came with some four people and brought  the bridges and start putting pillars measuring our place even where the church is,” Rev. Mulla explained.

“When I tried to question her, she ordered me not to talk, I said why I have to talk this is the church then she left after she had put the pillars.  Immediately after thatshe sent some soldiers to us, but we tried to explain to them and they went away. She sent some again three times,” he narrates.

He said after continuous sending of soldiers to interrupt them in the church, they took a decision to go and approach the governor to explain what was going on but as they enter theoffice, the governor quarrel them badly and immediately they withdrew from the office.

“What we did after disappointment from the governor, we wrote letters and gave to different offices of the authorities concerned,”

“After that Anna Kaku again used another big man called, he came with soldier and started  attacking my sons who wasworking. Beating up my   son seriously and tried to carry my son in their car butwe intervened,

Before theyleft, I asked him who had sent them and claimed they had been sent by the governor but when we try to asked them to produce the document, they did not produce any ,” he narrated.

According to the pastor, the team went back and brought many soldiers and when they arrived,they started running toward where the pastor’s family. At that time he hid himself and as his son tried to escape the soldiers shot him.

“They started shooting and firing through the door inside my room and because one of my sons is soldier he went inside his room and got gun  and started firing,” he told  journalist in Juba.

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