Church rejects gubernatorial order on its land

By Atimaku Joan

The Sudan Pentecostal Church yesterday rejected the gubernatorial order for the appropriation of its land by the Governor of Central Equatoria State, calling it illegal, heavy-handed, unconstitutional, misguided, ungodly and disobedient to the law of God and the law of the land.

According to a press release issued on 24 September this year read during the conference,the General Overseer of Sudan Pentecostal Church Isaiah Majok Dau said the church was a public entity and had all rights and privileges to own a land.

“It is unfortunate for the governor chose to seek advice and counsel from the very people who are in dispute with Church over this land. The Governor received a recommendation from the same people whom the Church has defeated in the 1st and the 2nd Court of Appeal after waiting for ten years,” Dau complained.

“Does the governor really think that, this dispute will be solved by simply issuing gubernatorial order? Why did the Church wait for almost ten years for the Court to conclude its ruling? We believe strongly that, this order is unjust, nonprocedural, and is making a mockery of judicial system in our Country. We as the proud citizen of this Country do respect all the institutions of South Sudan that is why we as the Church were able to wait for the judiciary to conclude its ruling.”

He claimed that the use of gubernatorial order to reverse court ruling was considered by the Church as undermining and interference with the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

“Consequently, the Church will use all available and legal means to make sure its rights to own land in the area is respected. On 21st this Month the Church heard from Equator Radio; a gubernatorial order No. 34 /2021 for the Expropriation of the Church plot for general public use. A move that took the Church by surprise.” the statement read.

However, Juba Monitor could not reach the office of the Governor during press time to respond to this press release, since the Church called for press conference to respond to gubernatorial orderissued on Tuesday.

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