Church leaders urged to conduct trauma healing


Rt. Rev Archbishop Stephen Dokolo of Lui Diocese stands at extreme right with pastors from other churches during trauma healing workshop in Uganda (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol):

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Archbishop of Lui Diocese of Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, His Grace Stephen Dokolo has called on South Sudanese Church leaders in Uganda and South Sudan to embark on trauma healing.
He said many people have gone through horrible situations during the S. Sudan civil war and now the ongoing South Sudan conflict.
Bishop Dokolo said the church has an instrumental role to play to train pastors so that they may reach out to South Sudanese and train them on how to manage trauma and its associated challenges.

He made the remarks on Tuesday during a roundtable discussion on trauma healing which was held in Kampala, Uganda under the theme “what role can South Sudanese Church leaders play towards peace building and national unity in South Sudan”.

The group resolved to form a committee which will establish the Network of South Sudanese Church in Uganda (NOSSCU) to be chaired by Bishop Mullah and other six elected clergy members who shall draft framework and constitution to guide the spiritual growth of the churches in refugee camps in Uganda.

Speaking at the same event, Fr. Marcello, a Catholic priest appealed to South Sudanese not to use tribes for creating hatred in their midst, saying God knows the reason why He put several tribes in the world.

He narrated the story of an old man who ate the fruit of mango and decided to plant the seed. “An old woman approached the old man and asked him why he was wasting his time planting the mango seeds since he may not live to enjoy the fruits of the mango.”

“The old man replied that it doesn’t matter if he did not live longer because the sweet mango he ate was once planted by someone else. It is our responsibility to plan the same for the next generations to enjoy,” he narrated.

According to Fr. Marcello, the short story of the old man was testimony to all South Sudanese to immediately start planting the seed of love and harmony. He said it doesn’t matter which tribe one comes from.

Bishop Finnish Mullah of All Religious for Peace International said all Churches in South Sudan should enforce peace and national unity among South Sudanese. He appealed to the ordinary citizens and international partners to support the church.

Bishop Mullah stressed that the South Sudanese Church leaders have a big role to play towards peace building and national unity in the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Magara of Uganda Church Intercessors representing Church of Uganda lectured on the hardship and struggle churches in Uganda had endured during President Idi Amin’s regime.

“The role of the church is to reunite the people by preaching the good news to politicians and citizens in equal term because church belong to all people irrespective of tribe and political ideology,” he said.

“South Sudanese church leaders have essential role to play in uniting the people now because it is your responsibility and duty,” Dr Magara said.

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