Church leaders urge youth to be problem solvers

By Mandela Nelson Denis

As South Sudanese gathered to celebrate the International Youth Day in Juba, they have been called upon to be problem solvers rather than creators of problems in the society.

According to Bishop Dr Arkanjelo Wani Lemi’s, the youth whom he described as agents of peace should make the right decision.

Dr. Lemi said the youth in the country have so many potentials that can be used to make South Sudan a better place for everyone.

“I urge the youth to be problem solvers by discovering the hidden talents in them which can be used to solve problems faced in the country and hence making South Sudan a better place for everyone to live in peacefully,” Dr. Lemi said.

Dr. Lemi revealed that he believes in the youth of South Sudan and he believes that they are the solutions to the problems facing the country.

Giving example of his life back in those days, Dr. Lemi revealed that he sold water to different households and business the community in Kapoeta after discovering that there was problem of water in the area.

“As a young man back in the days, I did not write any application seeking for jobs, jobs looked for me, I remember we had problems with water in Kapoeta and I solved it by selling water from household to household and made my money,”Dr. Lemi said.

Bishop Dr Isaiah Majok Dau told the youth that they don’t need to be in power to make great influence in the society.

“I urge the youth to go for something that they are passionate about and things that can positively change the country, don’t copy and paste from others and then fail to deliver to your people and I call upon you to choose friends wisely,” said Bishop Dau

Keji Susan, a youth coordinator advised the youth to be patriotic and desist from wrong elements in order to make South Sudan great.

The International Youth Day was celebrated under the theme “Engagement of Youth in Peace Building” and was organized by South Sudan Council of Churches under the youth desks.

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