Church Leaders call for truthfulness during preaching

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan Goshen Parish leaders yesterday called for truthfulness in preaching the messages of God, this was during the ordination of three Pastors and six Lerida’s in the Parish.

The Guest of honor, who was the preacher David Batel said church priest should use the Bible to preach the true word of God to the Christiane.

He said the new ordinated memembers should make people humbly but not happy instate let them make God happy.

“Let’s open our eyes and pray such that temptation will not come, is only when we did not pray then satens will get the chance and temptation will come”, he stressed.

“To be a priest is a call from God and it is not easy but it is a sacrifice of there life, he thank the families for their responsibility, respect and help for the success of the day”, he appealed.

He calls on the family’s members to understand the nature of the work “a reading was taken from the book 1 Peter 5.1-5.

Pastors should be spiritual pastors that preach the truth and have respect for the needy( widows) and encouraged them “let them the liv life of obedience and pause integrity by doing the right thing.

However, the for the mission and Evangelism Martin Murye Scopas said currently we are in a difficult moment for the pastors to take this role.

He said pastors should preach the gospel of pace and love to the Christiane and also preach more about hope that God is still there for their country.

Speaking in an interview to Juba Monitor, Scopas said let’s have hope if God can provide food to the Birds what about us he can help us.

Pastors to pray hard and let them take strong Leadership that one day God change us and peace will come to South Sudan.

In another news development, one of the ordinated pastors Ms. Margret Dudu Amos said she ordinated in a difficult moment that is not easy but she still saves the lord as is a call from him.

She said they still continua losing their brothers due the conflict others are discouraged by taking Alcohol and our younger girl’s tent to rash for marriage which destroy their images as church leaders.

“If we don’t change our selves there is no future of our country and the young generation”, she express.

However, she thanked God for choosing her to be servant of the lord and she will do her best in doing the work of God and what she can able to do.

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