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Church leaders appeal to parties to work for peace

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Episcopal Church of South Sudan Arch-Bishop of Central Equatoria internal province is expressing concern to the parties which are still engaging in conflict to work for permanent peace in the country.

Arch-Bishop Dr. Paul Yogusuk regrets that South Sudanese people have not experienced peace for a long time and yet they subjected to the ongoing conflict.

He mentions there is continued killing displacement destruction of properties in the areas of Yei, Lainya Morobo, and Kajo-Keji counties respectively.

Paul appeals to the conflicting parties to listen to the voices calling for peace in the country and find lasting solutions to the crisis.

“We are concerned that our people have not experienced peace for quite a long time and they are victims of what is taking place. It is not only in Yei, but vehicles are also burnt here, in Lainya people have been killed, displaced; houses have been burnt properties destroyed and conflict in continuing in greater parties of Yei came from that side of rockon where people of mongiling and others in Wunduruba,Gumbiri and many others are displaced and are suffering. So, this has been re-carrying on and off. So, it is my appeal to both parties engaging in conflict that our people have suffered. We talk on behalf of our people. They are innocent but yet they face displacement, killing and even abduction,” the Arch-Bishop regrets.

The Arch-Bishop says it is time to find amicable solutions to the ongoing crisis in greater Yei and South Sudan at large.

He applauds the president of the Republic of South Sudan for accepting the resumption of the Rome peace talks with the holdouts after consultation of St Egidio in Juba.

The religious leader pleaded for the Church to be part of the negotiation as observers in order to listen and advise the parties.

“So it is time for us to find amicable solutions to the crisis. We are privileged to have met the St Egiodio who came of recent to seek for the permission of the president for the resumption of the peace talks in Rome and am happy that the president has given go-ahead for the resumption and we as a Church have pleaded this time that we should part of the negotiation as observers so that we also follow the negotiation because all along we have not been part of this negotiation but time has come for us to be part of that to listen and advise them to reach an amicable solution. The only way for this conflict is not war, there is no winner in war but there will be winners when they sit at the table to discuss issues and reach amicable solutions,” He adds.

Arch-Bishop Paul calls on the leaders both in government and opposition to prioritize peace for the citizens to enjoy the freedom they voted for.

He regretted that the difficult situation of suffering for the citizens in the camps made some of them to come back voluntarily but are forced to go back into refugee and IDPs because of the continued crisis.

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