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Church in Yambio expressed concern over the abrupt lockdown

By Victor Mangu

The Catholic Bishop of Tombura-Yambio Diocese, Barani Eduardo HiiboroKussala has expressed concern over the partial lockdown of social gatherings by the National Government in Juba, a situation he termed abrupt.

The Bishop said that the government would have notified the religious men and women so that it is scheduled accordingly.

“What shall the church communicate now to the Christians on what will happen next Sunday. But since God is the only healer, the church should have been notified to find what would be done by the church during the partial lockdown Covid-19 preventive measures,” Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro said.

He further strengthened the church, encouraging them to keep strong and trust in the Lord.

“During this testing of Covid-19, people should remain prayerful and truthful in faith so that God the Almighty may rescue his people from the pandemic,” he added.

“As the church, we are going to talk as Bishops to find what is possible during this partial lockdown and what will be applicable by the church and Christians community in our diocese,” Bishop Hiiboro said.

Bishop Eduardo confirmed and believed that Coronavirus is real and it kills saying people should take all the preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus by putting on their facemasks in public places, keeping social distancing, washing regularly with soap and clean water and avoiding handshakes among others.

On Wednesday February 3, 2021 the office of the Vice President for Service Cluster, HuseinAbdebagiAkolwho doubles as the Chairman of the National taskforce issued partial lockdown with bans on the following:

Ban of all social gatherings, Sporting events, Religious events, including Sunday prayers, Salat Al Juma, Mosque prayer, funerals, wedding ceremonies, political events.

Closure of all Pre-schools, schools, universities and other learning institutions, only except classes scheduled for examinations with provisionof restrict protective measures.

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