Church harvests first rice products in Torit

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

The leadership of Full Gospel church in Torit Eastern Equatoria State said on Monday harvested first rice scheme products.

The church said the rice farms with a capacity of 50-60 meter square yield despite unfavorable climate in the area.

Speaking to the media at the field during the official harvesting the Director General in the State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Isaac Aliardo Paul says it is first time the upper land Rice has succeeded in Torit including the areas of Magwi County.

“Upper land rice has been tried in a livelihood zone for sorghum but this is actually a new experience in Eastern Equatoria we have places that rice proves like Magwi which has two seasons, now it is an opportunity for us to intensify our food security,” Aliardo said.

He added that the government will provide technical advice to the farmers through their cooperation with agriculture partners operating in the State.

“Rice has come, we will encourage and assist people to cultivate rice, we will provide them with technical support, we know there are challenges but the rice is growing well,” Aliardo added.

The project Manager of Full Gospel Church Rice production Mr. Zima Mambo the initiator of the rice farm said the Rice was planted as a pilot project.

“It a pleasure to welcome you all to the farm here, it has been an idea when we already got the land from government, our main target was to identify the land which crop  fits, and we realize this place is good for rice and that is why we came with that initiative of growing rice here”, Mambo said.

Dr. Margret Itto the Manager for Agro Forestry said they

are urging the intellectual in the state to provide the technical advises to the farmers in the state.

“I want to give you an example, am a progressive farmer, I have been holding big post in the government up to the level of deputy governor but what I get from farming is much more than even my salary, that means even if I don’t get salary for six months I can still pay myself still to deliver services to our people,” Dr. Itto expressed.

She called on the government leaders and the state stakeholders to provide land to the farmers for farming.

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