Church distributes seeds to refugees in Rhino camp

By Gaaniko Samson

World Harvest Church in Rhino camp has started the distribution of seeds to refugees to boost food security amid coronavirus pandemic.

The project comes barely four months later, after the refugees agencies had slashed 30 percent out of the food ratio they used to supply refugees with due to what they said lack of funding caused by coronavirus that has affected the donor countries.

Godfrey Ntale the Coordinator of the World Harvest Church said, they started the project of distributing seeds and seedling to the refugee community after they realized food ratio being received by the refugees was not enough.

“We started giving out the seeds so that people can have enough food,” he added.

Among the seeds being distributed are potatoes vines, cassava stalks, Onions, cabbages and eggplants.

Emmanuel said the aim of the project was to ensure that the refugees have enough food despite reduction of their monthly food ratio.

“We also saw that there was problem of transporting food from urban towns and city to the camps by the refugees that is why we started giving out seeds to the community,” he added.

He stressed that it would be more costly if they were to start giving out food monthly to the refugees instead of seeds to grow their own food.

“We have so far reached out to over 600 people who have benefited where we visit their gardens every week and teach them some methods of farming,” he added.

Emmanuel said in beginning when they started, everybody wanted to plant and have farm but there was challenge of getting seeds.

 “As the church, we stood up by raising some founds and we ask our friends to support this project,” he explained.

“So this time we are doing some farming so that whatever we harvest can be kept for dry season,” he added.

He said they were targeting Ofua zone mainly people who are farmers and have interest of farming.

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