Church cries foul over land

By Nema Juma

Some individuals in Juba have been accused of grabbing land belonging to St. Bakhita Chapel of the Catholic Church.

St. Bakhita Chapel was established in 1989 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba and that particular land was demarcated in 2004.

However, the church leaders said some criminals decided to later re-demarcate the land of about 10 plots.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, a member of St. Bakhita Chapel, Martin Lako Roman said that when that land was demarcated, the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure gave it to the administration of St Bakhita.

Lako stated that in 2010, some individuals decided to re-demarcate the same land giving themselves land titles.

“When we raised the complaint to the Minister of Infrastructure, we were called together with them and the Governor of Jubek State intervened by writing a letter to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure that this land belongs to the church and they got the land in 1989,” Lako said.

He said that according to the letter, the church has got the rights to own the land and those individuals who claimed to own the land should be compensated, where they were given plots in Kabo residential area.

“Those people were still resisting that they don’t want to leave this particular land to the administration of the church not until on 6th of this month there was serious fighting between the church and those people,” Lako added.

He said the government had to intervene through Juba City Deputy Mayor, Thiik Thiik Mayardit

“Now the case is on his table and we are waiting for the results that will come out,” Lako added.

However, when contacted, Thiik Thiik confirmed having intervened and the person concern is the Member of Parliament in the National Assembly.

“I called him and told him not to go there again, if he goes there he will be arrested by the police,” Thiik Thiik said.

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