Church calls on refugees to come back home

By Emelda Siama John

The retired Bishop Parade Taban called on refugees living in neighboring countries who left the country during war to return home in order to rebuild the nation.

“If you want to put the hat on your head, carry your own cross to follow your Lord Jesus Christ. We are all in Jesus Christ, the sons and daughters of our mother Mary,” said the Bishop.

“Let’s thank all the missionaries, and all the evangelists, catechist and church leaders. Our religious faith obtained here by our first priests, sisters and brothers.We are very lucky to celebrate this year with many who heard it in history, but they now see.”

He stated that Christians should offer themselves totally again in Jesus Christ through faith and ask for forgiveness to renew faith.

“This faith was not built with money, was built with love. This church was not built with money but by the sweat of our people and even the missionaries who came here, Lord we are asking that we are sorry if we are not being fulfilling our faith,” he cited.

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