Church and government should handle Land issues Amicably

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On Saturday 24th of this month, it was reported in the newspaper that Central Government was accused by African Inland Church for trying to grab church land. In the report the Pastor in Charge Rev, Jambo Mulla  Antero said the land was given to the church some years agoby government and it had all the necessary documents.  He further said group of soldiers from South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF} came in the church well- armed and attacked him.

 According to the statement, Rev. Antero said the group of SSPDF fired to his house. In the process of firing in the room, he and his son were injured. However, shooting Church personnel within Church Compound is wrong. If there is any misunderstanding between the church and government or an individual, better to talk.  Dialogue is the best way of handling problems; shooting is not the solution to any problem. Instead, it would cause more problems and create enmity between the two groups.

It is not the first time church has been having problems with government and individuals in the issue of land; sometimes back other denominations faced similar situation with government. It was unfortunate that churches are not being respected these days.If land was given to the church by the government and it has all legal documents, why not handle the matter in good manner.  Threatening church personnel and shooting around the Church compound is not respectable. It is like an abuse to God and His servants.  I know the issue of land is one of the biggest problems in the country, but let the responsible people handle it in a good way. Let people not killed themselves because of land which all of us will one day leave this land that causes us problems or it take away our lives.

On the other hand, all of us are expected to pray to God and that prayer is to be conducted in the church by Pastors, Priests, Bishops and others.  Among the Christians in the church are government officials and their children.

If that is how Church reflects itself in the world, why should thegovernment not understand the condition of the Church with the land given to them? Harassing church personnel is like threatening God because Pastors, Priests,Bishops are chosen by God to do His willfor the poor. Let the government and church forgive each other, reconcile over this issue and love one another.  One day they will live as common people in this country and continue working together.

May God bless us all.

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