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Christmas plan

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days’ people have started talking on how to plan for Christmas celebrations which is also coming. Several people had planned, others are still planning on how to celebrate with their families and friends. Few people had surveyed and they know the situation of the market.

Traders were planning to buy items for Christmas from abroad. Until the end of this month, you will see new fashions of clothes and shoes in the markets, both for women and men.  Those who have money, there is no problems for them. They can buy any cloth with any price in supermarket or an ordinary market.

It is like everybody is preparing to celebrate Christmas in a better way. For NGOs, many of them would travel. The churches have different preparations. They usual prepare songs, teaching new songs for the day in different languages.

Church leaders were advising Christians to clean their hearts, as they are going to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and King of Kings, it is a big celebration that cannot be compared with others. Each and everybody can celebrate it in the house but church has different ways of celebrations. It depends on the tradition of the church but the common thing is the ceremony of Jesus Christ.

Some people may be asking why I am writing on Christmas celebrations, it is because a good plan start early. You cannot wait till last moment and plan on how to celebrate it. If you have more than two wives with more than 20 children how are you going to manage? This need understanding with the wives and equal treatment on how to buy them Christmas clothes, shoes and other gifts.

If you didn’t plan early with the wives you have, it would be difficult to plan at the last moment. The most important things for Christians is to confess and celebrate in Christian’s way. This is just the bit of information on how to prepare for Christmas for the year 2021.  More information will come later.

May God bless us all.

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