Christmas demands

By: Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers, we are beginning the third week of December, it is a week that majority of people are purchasing for Christmas items in the markets. If you had planned for Christmas some months ago, you would not have many problems although there is economic crisis in the country. Others have just started planning in December which is going to be difficult for them, especially for polygamous families.  Each woman and her children are demanding new clothes and shoes; it would be difficult to buy for all of them at once.  Several men didn’t know what to do in this situation. Such families have no peace in the families by this time.

If a man has high blood pressure, the level would rise up and other diseases will start developing due to too much thinking.  If you are planning to go to the markets with children, make sure that you have enough money. Otherwise a child would not understand whether the parents have money or not. Anything they see, they will ask the parents to buy. If you refuse to buy, he or she will start crying in the market.

Some women also behave like children, they will ask their husbands to buy new clothes, shoes and other items in the house to change the old ones. If the husband says there is no money, they will start quarrelling and fighting in front of children which reflect a bad image of Christmas preparation in the families.  To avoid such situation, several men left home they are living somewhere else which is not a solution.

All the above mentioned are not the meaning of Christmas, the best way is to understand the condition of the family. That could be explained by the parents to the children or by the husband to the wife. Is better for the family to sit down and look at the important needs of Christmas. If you don’t have money, wash your old clothes put on. God is seeing your hearts not how you dress.

Let Christmas not cause problems between you and your families. It is a joyful celebration. You need to understand the meaning of Christmas in Christian way, and what is supposed to be done for the Day.

 If you are purchasing for Christmas, remember January is a difficult month, wasting all money for Christmas; it would be difficult to survive in January. Better to balance budget in order not to lead you for loan or sell out the items you purchased for Christmas or use money which does not belong to you and will lead you to prison. Take care for Christmas demands.

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