A foot for thought

Christmas cleaning and COVID–19 Pandemic

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor and my sisters who are very busy preparing for Christmas which remains with only two days for us to celebrate. The title of the story is ‘Christmas cleaning’ which is especially for Christmas Eve. I know women were been doing cleanness in the houses but Christmas cleaning is different because they want everything to be seen clean. 

Not only that every place is supposed to be clean. However, this year I have not seen government or any institution cleaning public places like roads, markets and others. Juba City looks dirty, it is not reflecting a good image of the country. Traders are supposed to clean roads near their shops but that had not happened. I don’t know whether within a period of two days they will do it.

A clean environment helps us in many ways. It can reduce the spread of diseases including the Coronavirus Pandemic in the country. Juba City is supposed to put more effort in the matter of cleaning Juba. Cars should move around collecting garbage from one area to another.

Maybe from today, they would do it if it was organized early. Cleaning includes cleaning our hearts to receive Jesus Christ the King of Kings. And continue living with Him in our daily lives. To all of us householders in any area, we have to clean the roads near our houses. If all of us do it, at the end of this week Juba City will look different.

It is a collective responsibility for all of us to make sure that we live in a clean environment. You cannot put on clean shoes and nice clothe while living in a dirty place. We need to adapt to the culture of being clean and living in a clean place. It is not necessarily to live in a concrete house that has a good design and make it clean. The most important is to keep living in a clean environment where you live.

I wish you all the best with lockdown for Coronavirus Pandemic. Keep the rules of the Ministry of Health wherever you are. Observe social distances, wash your hands frequently, apply sanitiser from time to time and wear a face mask.

 May God bless us all.       

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