Christians urged to believe in God’s teaching

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudanese Christians at Emmanuel Parish Juba Diocese have been urged to pray and believe in God’s teaching.

British Ambassador to South Christopher Trott encouraged South Sudanese congregation to believe in Bible teaching. The senior diplomat said he was blessed to be sent to work in South Sudan as an Ambassador representing British government.

Trott told congregation that he will continue to be praying at Emmanuel Parish because since he was child he prayed for South Sudanese people to be free in their own country.

Bishop Peter Garang Akuei of Nyemluel who was the preacher encouraged faithful to believe in God’s teaching and developed the culture of tolerance and love for one another.

Bishop Peter Garang Akueil appealed to South Sudanese to keep preaching the word of peace because the Church has leading role to reunite people regardless of challenges facing the country.

Peter called on families to respect themselves both at home and at workplaces because respect creates togetherness.

The Sunday Church service was also attended by Rebecca Nyendeng Garang, Paul Mayom Akech, National Minister of Trade and Industry, former Archbishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul and other clerics.

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